Awhile ago, I was in this kind of psych ward and there was this guy, Leonard. All the time I knew him,all he ever said were these numbers. “4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42”. Over and over and over again.


Wind him up and watch him go.

Kerry Washington for Glamour Magazine, October 2013


can’t i be strong and go to prom?

We are demonstrating aggressive aggression.


Our family’s little now and we don’t have many toys but if you want, you could be part of it. You could be our baby and we’d raise you to be good.

Meaning is historical

At this point, you need a divine move.

At this point, you need a divine move.

teen wolf  

In any story, the villain is the catalyst. The more powerful they are, the more exciting a story is.

  • Littlefinger: Sickly little boys sometimes become very powerful men.
  • Littlefinger: Me. That's me, I'm talking about me. (I'm always talking about me.)
no shit